How to make sure people will harass you in three east steps :

1 : be a girl
2 : put on shorts
3 : wait

in a time of gods and monsters
what is the worth of a man? 

I’m going to the beach today can you believe it

I’m probably gonna come back as red as Thor’s cape with a terrible sunburn but oh well yolo

The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves, sort of like a team.


people say loki’s actions are excused because of his parents, but kurt wagners parents were a demon and an evil mutant who threw him in a river minutes after he was born and he grew up to be the sweetest person on the planet do you see how your argument is invalid

(on why he went to Comic Con) You know, because you get to meet the biggest fans you’ll ever have. Especially in that hall [Hall H], there are thousands of people there who know more about these characters than you do and you have more commitment and dedication than you could ever dream of. It’s a pretty special thing.