I would rather be a good man than a great king
Julia, 22. Dreaming about Asgard. Will love and defend Thor until the very end. Hardcore Thor/Sif shipper. I also love the blond puppy that is Steve Rogers a lot. Lady Sif and Cersei Lannister are my queens. I cry a lot watching movies and I am a crazy cat lady. Drink more tea than water. Don't be shy, I don't bite ! Currently having a Bucky Barnes situation.
a storm
« I call his name as a shelter, not realising he's the storm. »
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make me choose » anonymous asked: marvel or dc

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"I have lived many ages of men, Steven. Centuries without end. I have seen many great men, and known countless honors. But the greatest honor of this ancient and tired soul has been the privilege of fighting beside you, and calling you my friend. May grace and peace be with you, to the end of all things." -Thor

"From the moment I met Thor, I knew him to be something special. Realized that be he man or God, his heart was formed of an iron will and courage no other could match. His was a spirit unequaled, a nobility surpassing that of any king. Because of those factors, I never thought this day possible. An Avenger… The King— has fallen." -Steve Rogers
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I know that you’re older than you look. I know that you knew Steve, and that’s why you won’t let me introduce you. And you want to know something? I don’t care. I don’t give a damn. Because I trust you. I asked you to marry me, didn’t I? Don’t you think I’d have done a background check before I got down on one knee?

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Chris Pratt as Star-Lord on the first day of shooting Guardians of the Galaxy

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